Arcade was founded on the belief that belts could be designed to function better, last longer and be more comfortable. Developed from the ground up with materials that are built to go everywhere and anywhere, each Arcade belt provides a custom fit, sturdy hold and the right amount of flexibility to move with you.

Strap In. Venture Out.

To build a better belt, you have to start with better belt parts. We design and build our own webbing and work with the best yarn manufacturers, so we know our belts are comfortable and durable enough to last a really long time. We use custom-made buckles that are low-profile and high performance. And we add in a dash of magic, because why not? It all adds up to a worthy multi-functional companion for all your adventures.

Lightweight elastic components and low-profile buckles are designed to move and flex with your body while eliminating unnecessary bulk or pinch points. Arcade belts are built with heavy duty, field tested materials to ensure each one leads a long, adventurous life.

Stretchy. Travel Friendly. Quick Dry. Machine washable. Micro adjustable.