It all began with the Oxbow brand catalogs in the nineties. Back then I was your average high school nerd, living in the hilly south of The Netherlands, far away from the beach or the mountains. Somehow I got hooked by the “in your face” surf prints on the back of the Oxbow t-shirts and sweats. The local sportstore that sold the brand became my first hangout and because I spent a big part of my money on new shirts the owner always saved these brand books for me to have.

These catalogs were always full of amazing action shots of big wave surfing, snowboarding and FMX. At that time I had not a single clue about these sports yet these images of pure fun and adrenaline in the epic nature fascinated me. My whole room became one big collage of cut out pages glued to the walls and door.

The first time branding got me hooked.

Fast forward to present day life: I actually started surfing, snowboarding and mountainbiking myself. Along the way my working career adapted to my ongoing interest in these sports, the brands and their marketing.

Having many years of experience in doing sales and marketing for several outdoor and street fashion brands I learned what makes brands successful and what not. Go To Market strategy, tone of voice, distribution policies: sales and marketing need to go hand in hand in order to become outstanding.

A big essential part of branding is creating the right content that resonates with your target audience. I’ve always loved writing and storytelling. From being a co-owner and editor of a Dutch online magazine towards composing (micro)copy and running campaigns for brands and companies. Shaping great stories always stokes me, just like the Oxbow catalogs did back in the days…

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